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Check for weekly soccer exercises. And subscribe for free to stay up to date!

#1. The Champions League has been won only once by a team from Romania. Can you name them?

#2. 3 persons have won the Champions League 3 times as coach. Who are they?

#3. Who is the only player who has won the Champions League with 3 different clubs?

Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Real madrid, AC Milan)

#4. Who was captain of AC Milan in the 1994 Champions League Final?

#5. Which club has the most Champions League titles on its name?

Real madrid (13)

#6. Against which club did Cristiano Ronaldo score his first Champions League goal in 2007?

AS Roma, in a 7-1 quarter-final second-leg win

#7. During the 2000-2001 season Leeds United had a memorable run to the Champions league semi-finals, but which team eliminated Leeds United?

#8. During which season is the European Cup renamed to Champions League?

#9. Which club from the United Kingdom won the European league first?

Celtic (1966 – 1967)

#10. Which player has the record for most Champions League winners medals?


Francisco Gento (six titles with Real Madrid)


#11. Which player from the United Kingdom was the first player to score for a Spanish club in the Campions League?


Steve McManaman (for Real Madrid)