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#1. What is the name of The Cup awarded at World Cup football?

#2. The World Cup in Qatar will feature 32 countries. Which of these 32 countries is lowest in the fifa world rankings? (measured november 2022)

#3. Dubious honour: Mexico is the country with the most lost World Cup matches of all. But exactly how many are they?

#4. What happened to Giuseppe Meazza during the Italy-Brazil match in the year 1938 while taking a penalty?

#5. What is the flag of World Cup 2022 participant Tunisia?

#6. India managed to qualify for the World Cup only once, this was in 1950. However, they refrained from participating. Why was this?

#7. In which city will the 2022 World Cup finals be played?

#8. In which country has World Cup football ever taken place? (measured in 2022)

#9. After how many seconds was the fastest goal ever scored at a World Cup?

#10. Which country has been the only one in World Cup history to start in every poule?

#11. What is the name of the 2022 World Cup mascot?